Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of manipulating and arranging your surroundings to attract positive life energy, or Chi, so that it flows smoothly, unblocking any obstructions in your body and environment.  Feng Shui evolved from the theory that people are affected for better or worse by their surroundings.  Literally translated, Feng means wind and Shui means water.

The ancient Chinese believed that ghosts could travel only in straight lines.  This may seem strange to modern-day Westerners but when the ancient Chinese built bridges that zigzagged this was the reason.  They believed this prevented ghosts from crossing the bridge.

Shars are any straight lines or angles that are pointed directly toward your home.  If there is a road running directly toward your front door, as in the case of a cul-de-sac or dead-end street, it is considered extremely unlucky.  Many Chinese believe that this situation beckons ghosts or evil spirits into your home.

Feng Shui has remedies to deal with shars and other disruptive energy in your home.  Shars are only there if you can see them.  For instance, shars do not exist if you have trees in front of your house blocking your view of the road running straight toward your front door.  Without the presense of these trees, negative energy would be free to flow directly through the entrance to your home.  Feng Shui relies heavily on the use of trees and plants to mitigate the problem of shars.


In addition to trees and plants, Feng Shui utilizes the Ba Gua.  The Ba Gua is an octagonal-shaped amulet with a reflective mirror in the middle.  Eight triagrams or Gua are carved into it (the Ba in Ba Gua means the number 8).  In Feng Shui the reflective Ba Gua is mounted on the outside of your front door to drive away any evil spirits or bad spells.  Since the Chinese believe that ghosts and evil spirits can only travel in straight lines, a Ba Gua placed in direct line of a shar is purported to send the spirits running back in the opposite direction.

Ba Gua with its 8 Triagrams or Gua Symbols 



Chinese talismans have the same function as Ba Gua - to ward off evil spirits, and are often small pieces of paper or cloth with prayers or mantras written on them. Buddhist talismans are small pieces of yellow cloth with sacred writings from Buddhist scriptures and a picture of Buddha painted on it. Taoist talismans are also made of yellow cloth, but instead contain mantras from the I-Ching.  Talismans can be worn or hung on doors.  It is particularly common for children to wear talismans as it is believed that they are too young to fight off evil energies by themselves.

A Taoist Talisman

Jade too is worn often by children.  It is a recurring theme in Chinese mythology and is believed to ward off evil.  If jade darkens over time, it is believed that wealth will come to the wearer.  Jade also symbolizes benevolence, majesty and beauty. Jade jewelry is sought after by the Chinese, not just for its evil repelling properties, but because it is believed to bring good health and wealth to the person wearing it.  Jade is sometimes worn before long journeys to prevent accidents and mishaps.

A Jade Pendant

Accoding to Feng Shui masters, colors can enhance & stimulate different aspects of your life.  Red adds creativity as well as stimulates relations.   Green stimulates growth.  Black enhances career.  Yellow adds happiness & stability.  Blue enhances peace.  Brown, like the earth, adds calm.


To create successful energy flow, be sure your have a commanding view.  Add an aquarium in the north area with 8 gold fish and 1 black fish.   Hang a Ba Gua on the outside of your home or office entrance.  Decorate with accents in the color black.  Hang art framed in the color green, red, or black.  Place book shelves in the northeast corner.  Place chairs against the south wall.  Add plants to the southeast, east and northwest.  Add something blue for peace and add something yellow for happiness.

It is NOT recommended, unless they are passed on to you as family heirlooms and assuming the people who passed the furniture on to you had led good, healthy lives. Unknown antique and used furniture purchased at flea markets, consignment shops, antiques stores may have negative energy attached to it from the previous owner.

Aquariums - healthy gold fish are signs of prosperity. Use 8 gold fish and 1 black fish to optimize prosperity.  Bamboo with red ribbon used pairs, bamboo tied with red ribbon and hung from a beam or wall bring peace.  Dragons used in pairs may be placed anywhere to bring peace and harmony.  Foo-dogs used in pairs guard your dwelling. They ward-off negative energy. Usually placed at the main entrance of a home.   A Ba Gua mirror can ward off negative energy as well as attract good energy.  Hang it at your main entrance facing out.

Wind chimes are hung at entrances to ward off negative energy.  Crystals attract and keep energy circulating.  Hang them in any dead energy corner of a room or window or from ceilings that are above nine feet high.  Lamps used in dead energy corners or where there are ceilings above nine feet stimulate energy.   Mirrors can ward off negative energy as well as attract good energy.  May also be used to unite fragmented energy.  Waterfalls & ponds placed in the north, east, and southeast areas outside of a home can help ensure prosperity as well as a successful career.  Plants that are healthy and flourishing symbolize growth and stimulates energy. Always replace a dying plant.